Portfolio Management

Hillmarc Consulting understands that the only certain thing about the future is the uncertainty. Our team of qualified staff helps you plan and prepare for the future in terms of sound investment platforms. Whether as an individual or an institution, we have the solution for you. We let your resources work for you in the present and in future.

We offer discretionary management services where we help in making decisions based on the understanding between the investor and the business to achieve the set objectives. Under the Non-Discretionary Management, our team of experts sit with the client and hear their thoughts out, what they prefer and choose their ‘taste’ of investment portfolio to satisfy their gaps. Whereas manager’s portfolio may be the blueprint of the company’s trajectory line, when it comes to passive management we work to help your business ‘mimic’ a specified index fund of a particular market. With Hillmarc Consulting analytics capabilities and experience, in an active management role, we assist you make important investment decisions on what and when to buy and sell.

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