Database Management

In the present times, the use of files to store information is being phased out as technology continues to evolve. It is vital to back-up information in a more reliable, easily accessible and safer storage.

Hillmarc Consulting physical storage include the main memory and secondary storage. We help our clients to design a storage media effective to retrieve data at a faster rate and reduce the time of interaction between the user and the storage media. Our cloud storage is more effective and provides one of the safest means of storing files and information. The online data storage can be accessed by multiple servers and shared across other servers. When need be, we help you build a server that will work effectively with your software.

When it comes to performance, monitoring and tuning your data we analyze the results given and make the modifications hence make a database more reliable. Our team understand the importance of capacity planning to balance the production and consumption concept. We help your business meet the demands, whether high or low, by coming up with a plan to meet the deadlines.

We offer back up and recovery which is needful for the database in case some information is lost by way of erase, delete or format. We set up organizations with databases that automatically backup and recover any lost data. Our team of highly qualified staff will also Archive and replicate data. We help you access data as you plan to minimize the business’ impacts on analytics and enable you access the data whenever and wherever you are.

Hillmarc Consulting team efficiently helps to mask and retire data. We protect actual data while the real data is not required. We keep your data safe, blocking unsafe users and tech attacks.

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