System support

Like business support, our system support specialist will offer guidance in the projects of the business, working closely with the production and system groups to assist in a number of activities.

Our Softwares helps your computers function to their best abilities and for the task they have been built for. We build software that make your work easier and more effective.
Hillmarc Consulting Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems will help you manage and integrate the vital components of your business under one database. On areas that including sales, marketing, planning, purchasing and human resources can be managed under one umbrella.

Our Web applications brings clients closer to your business with the computer programs making communication between the two more effective. These systems hosts information concerning your business that clients can retrieve via the internet anywhere anytime with just a touch of button with rights in place.

Not to mention our Point of Sale Systems (POS) which basically are integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to achieve maximum benefits. The Point of Sale Systems helps to centralize business operations as CRM manages the relationship of customers and other potential customers. We will help you manage the business operations with least amount of effort.

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